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Pack of 3 : OCTAVE Ladies Extra Warm Soft Brushed Thermal Socks - 1.2 TOG

Product Code: OCWS0832-48RDPK

These Thermal Socks have a soft brushed inner for extra warmth which maximises the amount of warm air held close to the skin, keeping your feet warmer for longer. When temperatures fall, your feet can be the first to suffer. Ordinary socks or wearing many pairs of socks will often let you down. To be confident in the cold you need a sock with good insulation. The Advanced Insulating Yarn used to construct these socks provides high performance insulation against the cold. The 1.2 TOG RATING allows for a Comfortable and Improved Fit - so make them ideal for all-day wear. These socks have been tested according to British Standard 4745 two plate method for thermal tog rating. Perfect for Wearing on Cold Winter Days, whilst working Outdoors or whilst Travelling. Ideal for Hiking, Rambling, Fishing, Camping, Trekking and a must for the Ski Slopes. Ideal as a Christmas gift / gift idea.