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Mens Heat Holders The Ultimate Thermal Sock

Product Code: R-S07

Rightly known as "the ultimate thermal sock", Heat Holders original socks offer a 2.3 tog rating ensuring you'll never get cold feet again! Whether you are active outdoors, working in a cold environment or simply want a bit of extra comfort through the cold winter months, Heat Holders are the number one choice. When temperatures fall, your feet can be the first to suffer. Ordinary thermal socks or wearing many pairs of socks will often let you down. To be confident in the cold you need a sock with high insulation. Heat Holders have been tested to achieve a thermal tog rating of 2.34 (British Standard 4745). The unique 3 stage process using heavy bulk yarn, patented knitting technology and intense brushing holds more warm air close to the skin, ensuring your feet stay warmer for longer.