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5 Pack *FACTORY SECONDS* Mens Thermal Underwear Assorted Surprise!

Product Code: FS-M-SMALL

As per our strict quality control process, we reject stock due to minor defects. 

The defects can be from broken zips to very minor (hard to see) imperfection that could be a result of pen marks, machine oils stains or fabric flaws in the manufacturing process. 

- Size: Select the size of your choice.

- Colours: The colour of the items will be choosen randomly from Charcoal, Blue, White, Denim, Black and others

- Style: All our factory seconds are of different styles and can include any of the 5 following: Full Length Long Johns, Long/Short Sleeve T-Shirts, 3/4 Length Long John, Sleeveless Vests, Camisole, Pants.

Refunds/Exchanges: Due to high discounted pricing, we are unable to offer any refunds or exchanges on this purchase.